Two episodes

by Joyce Roberson

I had been a church warden in the cathedral in Ennismore Gardens and had been acquainted with Bishop Anthony for many years. Our relationships were not very close. We met quite frequently during instruction period before and after I was received and then Bishop Anthony married us which is very unusual and he also came to the reception after our wedding, which is even less usual but afterwards our relationships were more business-like. But there are two episodes which I would like to relate because they are quite characteristic of him.


There were four bridesmaids at our wedding, all of them wearing slippery dresses. At the reception Bishop Anthony sat between my husband and one of the bridesmaids. She tried to adjust her napkin but it was continuously falling because of her slippery dress. Bishop Anthony searched in his pocket, produced a large pin and offered it to her.


And then there was another episode in which the circumstances do not really matter. It happened once that Bishop Anthony behaved rather unconventionally and did something which was really unjust. And he made sure that my husband Eddie and I knew about it. We were puzzled and discussed the situation between ourselves for quite a while. As we saw it, what he did was wrong at least in two ways. But then we came to a conclusion that because it was unjust and because he made sure that we know about it, it must have contained a message for us. It was a way of delivering a message which for some reason couldn’t have been expressed in simple terms. And I think that was not the only time when the Bishop behaved unconventionally in order to convey a message which is either very hard to convey or very hard to receive.


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